We care about your body aesthetics and appearance

Are you looking for ways to improve your appearance and self-confidence? Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa offers an array of services to improve your body aesthetics, including:

  • Wrinkle and spot removal
  • Tattoo removal
  • Body sculpting
  • Teeth whitening
  • Tanning

We offer both spray tanning and tanning beds. With six tanning beds available, we plan to offer 24/7 tanning, which will be accessible via fingerprint identification. Call 952-452-9315 today to learn more about our tanning services in Hopkins, MN.

Target your problem areas

We use a PicoSure tattoo removal laser in Hopkins, MN that causes less tissue damage and removes tattoos in less time. We can also provide numbing services if you’re concerned about the potential pain. Schedule tattoo removal by contacting us today.

Our teeth whitening is done with a beaming white system, which uses three treatments in one day. We apply a hydrogen peroxide solution on the teeth and vitamin E on your gums before putting them under a professional light for 15 minutes. We can get your teeth 8-10 shades whiter.

You can also improve your weight loss through body sculpting in Hopkins, MN. We use a radio-frequency procedure to zap the largest fat cells in your problem areas. Your immune system will then take them away to keep your weight down. It’s great for targeting areas that are difficult for weight loss, such as your thighs or stomach.

Start looking your best by contacting Integrity MediCenter-MediSpa today.