Our Story

We started in 2012 as a hormone replacement clinic. Over time, we added many aesthetic services to help our hormone patients look better as they began to feel better. In early 2015, our lease was coming to an end, and we were searching for a place to really build our business. We came across an ad for Tropical Minnesota, a tanning salon that was for sale. Believing that this would be a good business decision, we purchased Tropical Minnesota and combined tanning and massage with our other offerings as we moved from Deephaven to downtown Hopkins.

Prior to Integrity, Dr. Wiita had owned a small weight loss clinic in Eden Prairie. The patients did wonderfully with weight loss, but the location was difficult to find, and Dr. Wiita lacked the marketing skills to bring in enough business to survive. She has always been passionate about bringing back weight loss, but it was important to pay attention to other details of the business first to avoid repeating the difficulties of the past.

Our Hopkins building is nearly transformed from a tanning salon to a beautiful MediSpa, and now the time is right to focus on bringing back weight loss. Dr. Wiita understands how excess weight can be a barrier to feeling good about yourself, and more importantly, how the extra pounds can cause you to develop dangerous health problems over time. Just like our building is being transformed into something beautiful, we want to help you find your inner beauty and bring back your outer beauty as you go through your own transformation.

We are Certified as the only Clean Start Weight Loss Clinic in Minnesota, which is very exciting for us. Our ideal client is someone who has 25 or more pounds to lose and who has given it a valiant effort on their own, but had difficulty either losing the weight or or keeping it off afterwards.

Our Clean Start Weight Loss program is very effective at helping your lose weight. After that we will help with weight maintenance by using MedGem indirect calorimetry to determine your resting metabolic rate and offering you detailed guidance on how to take in the correct number of calories in the long term. We also have the tools and skills to treat some of the damage left behind after having been overweight...skin tightening, stretch mark treatment, cellulite treatment, and more. Once all that is taken care of, then you can treat your beautiful new body to some of the fun things we do...things like teeth whitening and tanning or spray tanning.

Meet Your Doctor

Meet Your Doctor

Sandy Wiita, MD

Dr. Wiita is a graduate of the University of Minnesota Medical School. She became board certified in Family Practice after completing her residency in the Mayo/St. Cloud Hospital program.

She earned her undergraduate degree in Food Science and Nutrition and became a Registered Dietitian before going on to Medical School. After residency, she worked for several years at the Park Nicollet Eating Disorders Institute, now known as Melrose Institute. She later transitioned to working with overweight and obese patients at the Park Nicollet Bariatric Surgery Department and eventually returned to Melrose to develop their Medical Weight Loss Program.

During her years at Park Nicollet, Dr. Wiita did extensive training in weight loss medicine and passed the board certification exam to become a Bariatrician. Having struggled with family history of obesity and with her own weight, Dr. Wiita understands the pain that obesity can cause, and she is passionate about helping you, as a patient, lose weight successfully and keep it off.

Like her patients, she has tried multiple methods to lose weight and keep it off. There are many promises of losing weight without having to work at it, lots of lose weight fast schemes, and volumes of advice available...And there are lots of ways to spend your hard earned money on weight loss, which can be very frustrating and confusing.

Dr. Wiita had been very skeptical about hCG weight loss during the era when there was inconclusive evidence regarding the results. This stemmed from availability of homeopathic hCG (available online without a prescription) and different interpretations and plans for losing weight with hCG. Dr. Wiita trained in the Clean Start Weight Loss Program and has been testing the program herself so that she can fully understand the program and experience firsthand what you will go through while on the plan. The program uses pharmaceutical grade hCG, which is not available without a prescription. With over 68,000 patients using the program to lose weight, in addition to her own weight loss of over 50 pounds so far, Dr. Wiita is confident about using the program to you lose weight.

Although the hCG weight loss program is a superior program, Dr. Wiita understands that some people are looking for other options. She is available for consultations on a per visit basis to supervise other weight loss efforts. She draws on her experience as a dietitian and bariatrician to help you find the perfect weight loss plan for you. If you've already lost weight, that's great! You are welcome to join our long term weight maintenance program to keep it off permanently.

Helpful Information

BMI Calculation

  • Multiply your weight (in pounds) x 703
  • Multiply your height (in inches) x itself
  • Divide as follows:

​ BMI= (wt x 703)/ (ht x ht)

BMI Interpretation

Below 18.5 is underweight
18.5 - 24.9 is normal weight
25.0 - 29.9 is overweight
30.0 + is considered obese

Note: This is a rough estimate of normal body weight for most people. It may not be accurate in kids or in athletes who are very muscular.

Body Fat Percentage Interpretation

Ages 20-40


  • <21%: Underfat
  • 21-33%: Healthy
  • 33.1-39%: Overweight
  • >39%: Obese

  • <8%: Underfat
  • 8-19%: Healthy
  • 19.1-25%: Overweight
  • >25%: Obese

Ages 41-60


  • <23%: Underfat
  • 23-35%: Healthy
  • 35.1-40%: Overweight
  • >40%: Obese

  • <11%: Underfat
  • 11-22%: Healthy
  • 22.1-27%: Overweight
  • >27%: Obese

Ages 61-79


  • <24%: Underfat
  • 24-36%: Healthy
  • 36.1-42%: Overweight
  • >42%: Obese

  • <13%: Underfat
  • 13-25%: Healthy
  • 25.1-30%: Overweight
  • >30%: Obese

Waist Circumference Interpretation


  • <35 inches: Acceptable
  • 35 inches or more: Abdominal obesity

  • <40 inches: Acceptable
  • 40 inches or more: Abdominal obesity