Why Use PRP for Hair Loss?

  • Safe and natural, PRP uses growth factors from your own blood to treat thinning hair
  • Natural appearance…PRP stimulates your own hair follicles to regrow hair
  • Long lasting…doesn’t require ongoing daily medication, but you will need single session follow ups for maximal results
  • Little to no downtime

Am I a good candidate for Eclipse PRP treatments?

Ideal candidates

  • Women with thinning hair
  • Men with receding hairlines/thinning hair

Not for
  • Men who have been bald for a long time
  • Anyone with scarring scalp conditions
  • Anyone who has abnormal platelet production or is on blood thinners

What can I expect for results from PRP hair treatments?

  • Less hair being shed
  • Thicker hair shafts
  • Dormant hair follicles become active, so more hair follicles per square inch
  • Healthier scalp
  • Start to see results at 2-3 months
  • Best results seen at 6-9 months

Does PRP Really Work for Hair Regrowth?

PRP for hair loss has a 97% positive rating on realself.com...

Why Choose Integrity MediSpa in Hopkins, MN for PRP hair treatments?

  • Other providers give you only a single treatment for the price…we give you 4 in our package
  • We use Eclipse PRP, which has the perfect concentration of platelets to stimulate maximal hair regrowth.
  • We use tiny insulin needles to inject, so procedure is not painful like some…no need for numbing

Package includes

Your Treatment Package includes
4 sessions of Eclipse PRP injections,
occurring once a month
for 4 months

All for only $1999

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